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Meet The Toy Bloggers!

Jake is  eleven and passionate about everything toys. He has a younger sister and brother. He lives in the Atlanta area and attends school where his favorite subjects are math, science , and music. Stacie (Jake’s Aunt) is the mother of three children and they all reside in Atlanta. The Toy Bloggers are members of […]

Wild Planet Spy Gear Review – You Can Be a Secret Agent

Spy Gear by Wild Planet is very cool! * It comes with a spy watch (left), detective case (Center) and night vision goggles/ Binoculars (right). * The spy watch has mini pods that you can write stuff and put it in and a clock. * The detective case comes with a black light, flashlight, ink […]

Time to Play Most Wanted List for the 2009 Holiday Season

Each year Time to Play predicts what the most popular and best selling toys of the holiday season will be. The editors also share a little insight on why each toy made the list. Here are their top picks for 2009: Barbie Fashionistas Mattel; Ages 3 years & up; Approximate Retail Price: basic dolls: $11.99 […]

2009 Holiday Spending

How much are you spending per kid during the holidays this year? (polls)

Rescue Heroes Team

Available at for $14.00 & up Rescue Heroes take a child’s love of their every day heros, fireman, police officers, doctors and all sorts of rescue workers, adds a dash of imagination, and a pinch of adventure.  Leave it to Fisher Price to make an indestructible action figure for kids of all ages. These […]

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