Air Hogs Hyperactives R/C

Air Hogs HYPERACTIVES R/C  will appeal to boys and girls ages 12 & up.

Despite its small size, the Air Hogs Hyperactives Pro Aero GX car is powerful, aerodynamic, and packed with features.   At 2.4 GHz, this RC car can reach speeds of 20 miles per hour.   Recommended for kids 12 years and older, this car features a flexible roll bar that will turn the car right-side up if it flips.    The car’s controller runs on a multiband frequency that allows kids to run up to 10 cars at once for lots of racing action.

Important to know:
* Cost is $50-$60
* I love how fast this tiny car goes even when it’s on the slow setting.
*Here are some  ratings on Amazon and Buzzilions
What people are saying:
AmazonGot this for my nephew for his birthday, it was a huge hit! Boy does this thing go fast! The self-righting technology is pretty cool too, if the car flips, the roll bar flexes a little and bounces the car back upright!
Bazillions-“This little car has controllable speed and can actually goes 32 km/h (20 M/H) at its fastest. It’s one of my favourite and best R/C cars….”
Target-My son had been asking for this car for months so I spent the money and got it for him for Christmas.

  • The speed of this tiny car.
  • How well the roll bar works.
  • That it comes with two kinds of wheels.
* The plastic gets scratched easy.
*If I could change one thing I would make the plastic more scratch resistant.
Key Features:
  • Race a virtually unlimited number of friends without ever worrying about interference
  • With its self-righting functionality this Hyperactive always returns to its upright position giving you maximum racing time
  • Usable indoors and out, switch between your selection of foam and rubber tires for maximum environment performance
  • Defy gravity, reach insane speeds and witness the explosive high end performance of the hyperactives pro
Final thoughts:
My Dad and I have had a lot of  fun with the two Air Hogs HYPERACTIVES R/Cs that we have and  I would recommend buying  this for a young racer.

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