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A Review of the NOOK Colorâ„¢ by Barnes & Noble

The NOOK Colorâ„¢ will appeal to boys and girls of all ages because of the huge variety of books and apps. NOOK Colorâ„¢ has around 3,000,000 books, that means that there are books for everyone in the family to enjoy. When you go to the Nook bookstore there are categories for everything from “picked just […]

money savvy pig

helping kids get smart about money FINALLY, a way to teach kids about responsible money management that’s EASY for you, FUN for them. has a parents’ choice gold award A guide for parents, teachers and money savvy kids

Wild Planet Spy Gear Review – You Can Be a Secret Agent

Spy Gear by Wild Planet is very cool! * It comes with a spy watch (left), detective case (Center) and night vision goggles/ Binoculars (right). * The spy watch has mini pods that you can write stuff and put it in and a clock. * The detective case comes with a black light, flashlight, ink […]

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