Cloud b Twilight Turtle – Constellation Night Light Review

Cloud B Twilight Turtle– Constellation Night Light

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The Cloud B Twilight Turtle is both functional and cute as a night light.  I’m not sure I recommend him for a baby’s room.  It’s not really what I would consider baby friendly, unless you have it up and out of reach and also out of sight from your littlest one.  And in a way that defeats the purpose of having a cute nightlight for baby.  It is made by Cloud b and they are experts at baby products, but personally there are just too many parts inside to make this little guy work, I wouldn’t be comfortable with letting the baby have it at night.

Now for slightly older children this could work as a night light.  Or you could try what we did and put it in the family room to light up the stars while you’re watching a movie on family movie night.  It also serves as a soft light when little ones get up in the middle of the night and wander through the room to the kitchen.  They can press down on the Cloud B Twilight Turtle as they pass through the living room and he’ll light up for 45 minutes, giving them plenty of time to get a drink and head back to bed.

Cloud B Twilight Turtle comes with a constellation guide to help you learn about the stars you’re seeing, an adoption certificate and even includes the necessary three “AAA” batteries.  You’ve got your choice of three light color settings blue, green, and white.  If you have colored walls I recommend using the white setting, and if you’re walls are white then the green and blue work pretty well.

One of the quirks about the Cloud B Twilight Turtle is that the higher up he is, the better result you’re going to have.  And if he’s near a wall you won’t get to see a full constellation.  If you’re like most people you probably don’t have a tall dresser sitting in the middle of the room to put this little guy on for your child.  Putting him in the middle of the floor gives you blurred bits of light throughout the room.  To solve this dilemma we put ours on top of the television in the family room and while we don’t get the full constellations it does look like mostly like stars on the ceiling and wall.  Basically, just don’t expect a professional grade planetarium from a stuffed turtle and you won’t be disappointed.

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