Crappy Birthday Review

 url.jpgCrappy Birthday will appeal to boys and girls ages 12 & up. Crappy Birthday, made for 4-8 players, will make your family game night more interesting. When it is your turn in this game, it is your birthday. Everybody gives you a card from their hand, you pick the worst card you got. The player that gave you that card wind the round. The goal is to give the person the crappiest birthday present ever.

Important to know:
* Crappy Birthday costs around $15
* This comes with 200 cards!!!
*This game is very highly rated with’s rating of 4.5 stars
What people are saying:

* “Excellent for birthday parties, holiday parties, dinner parties, bar nights, and vacations” –

* It is very fun for the whole family
*It is an easy, quick game
* It is only up to 4-8 players
*It is only for ages 12 and up
* I would create more cards of different age groups for the little ones
Final thoughts:
I would buy this as a gift for my friends. Me and my family have LOTS of fun with this game and I think you will too.


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