EyeSpy Spyder Cam Review

The EyeSpy SpyderCam is the perfect gift for kids who  love to be spies or are wondering who keeps taking their candy, what ever the reason the Eyespy SpyderCam will help you see it all.

The SpyderCam is able to capture videos and photos while attached to almost any surface, and if you have a spare SD card laying around you can put it into the portable video screen that is included in the box and record what’s being captured.  The perfect way to catch who ever is stealing your candy!

EyeSpy SpyderCam


One feature of the SpyderCam that I love is that you can set a timer and record while your away or taking a nap.  To me the coolest feature on the EyeSpy SpyderCam is the night vision mode.  The night vision mode will let you see what’s sneaking around in the night.

After you have the EyeSpy SpyderCam you’ll know what’s going on around you even if you’re 500 feet away from the camera!

Important to know:

The Eyespy spydercam is around $106.

Anything Else:
The camera needs three AAA batteries to operate .

  • I like it that you can insert a SD card into it and record what ever you see on the camera.
  • The night vision feature is probably my favorite feature out of all of the other features.
  • The video screen is rechargeable, all you have to do is plug it in to your computer via the charging cable that’s included.

  • The product website says it can be attached to anything but I had trouble attatching it to the banister on our stairs at my house, but with enough effort I think it could be attached to just about anything.


Final thoughts:
I would definitely  buy this for any young spies that I know!

Where to buy:

– Sebastian

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