Gravitron By Tedco Toys

Gravitron will appeal to boys and girls ages 8 & up. This toy will amaze you! This toy is a gyroscope. Your probably wondering what that is. It is a technology that is used in devices like iPads. A gyroscope has the ability to stay spinning when you push on it because of the centrifugal force of the spinning to on the inside.
Important to know:
* It retails for $8.50
* It comes with a top, rip cord, pedestal, and instruction book on how to perform many gravity defying tricks
Another Review:
* I like how this company uses everyday technology, that we don’t know we are using, to create toys that amaze us
* There is nothing that I really don’t like
Final thoughts:
I would buy this as a gift for a friend. Like I said, this toy amazes me by how I use this everyday and don’t even realize it
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