HEXBUG Nanos are great for kids five and older.  They are so little that you can put it in your pocket and leave.  HEXBUGs come in a variety of colors and patterns.  HEXBUG Nanos run on small watch batteries, but are full of energy.  You would think something like this would cost a bit but they only cost about $7.00.

HEXBUG Nanos aren’t all by themselves because you can have different sets that you can put together to make a big colony.  There are also sets called Hives which have bridges and ferris wheels.

HEXBUG Nanos are so fast and energetic that it’s hard to keep up with them.  All of the HEXBUG Nanos are made by different great scientists like Issaic Newton.  You can join the Hand and Stars association, a website for kids who like HEXBUG Nanos, by making an account on the HEXBUG Nano web site hexbug.com.


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