Kinect Joy Ride

Product DetailsKinect joy ride is the most fun kinect game I have ever played!!! You put your hands up like you are driving and the kinect does the rest! It handles the acceleration and brake on it’s own so all you have to do is steer! You get fans based on how you do in the race. Fans let you unlock other races and tracks. While you are in the air you can lean forward, backward, left, or right and it will do a trick. The kinect will take three pictures of you and name them. If you pull you arms back for a while and then push forward you can do a boost which comes very handy.It’s my favorite and I think it will be yours too.

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  1. ToyXplosion Says:

    We love Joy Ride too! So much fun. Out latest Kinect obsession is Dance Central. 🙂

  2. Nicholas Says:

    Joy Ride is great fun!!!

  3. xbox 360 discount Says:

    Yes! Finally something about kinect games.

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