A Review of the NOOK Colorâ„¢ by Barnes & Noble

The NOOK Colorâ„¢ will appeal to boys and girls of all ages because of the huge variety of books and apps. NOOK Colorâ„¢ has around 3,000,000 books, that means that there are books for everyone in the family to enjoy. When you go to the Nook bookstore there are categories for everything from “picked just for you”, which is a list of custom picked books based on what you’ve recently bought, all the way to the most recent version of magazines.

OK, now say you’re finished with your home work, job, or any other kind of work and you want to play around but you don’t want to go into another room  to do it, all you have to do is pull out your NOOK Colorâ„¢ and download Angry Birds or any of your favorite games and play away. The NOOK Colorâ„¢  also has a ‘Lend Me’ system that lets you and your friends share books with each other for free, but only for a little while.

Here is what Amazon.com has to say about the NOOK Colorâ„¢:

” NOOK Color lets you go beyond reading with our built-in Wi-Fi® connection. Surf the web, check your email, read a favorite blog or search Googleâ„¢ – it’s all just a touch away.”

Important to know:

  • The NOOK Colorâ„¢ costs $169.
  • The NOOK Colorâ„¢ has a a lot of cool cases that can go with it.

What people are saying about the Nook Colorâ„¢ and where to buy:

Here are a few links to ratings of the NOOK Colorâ„¢ and where you can buy one for yourself:


  • The size is nice, it can go everywhere with you.


  • None as of right now

Key Features:

  • It has an amazing touch screen and if you fall asleep while reading, your NOOK Colorâ„¢ will save your place.

Final thoughts:

  • Would I buy it as a gift? Yes!
  • What is my favorite thing about the Nook Color?  The games.

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