Stinkerz Review

acc_416ebd74f8de97b5edf5fbb763d501b4_200_273.gif Stinkerz will appeal to boys ages 8 to 11 or 12. These are fun and stinky trading cards that my brother absolutely LOVED( he is 9). Each pack comes with 5 cards, one is a stinky card. That card actually smells. I love the stink that comes off because it is like no other trading card around. The cards can become stickers so you can stick them to your binders/folders. They have come out with their first series with 20 cards and are quickly coming out with series two.
Important to know:
* A pack of 5 cards costs $3.99
* List everything you like about the product
* The only thing that I would have to say is that I expected all five of the cards to smell and not just one.
Final thoughts:
I would buy this for my friends


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