The Urban Crew Backpack

The I-safe Urban Crew Backpack is great for anybody ages 10 & up. You might not know this about me but I absolutely LOVE all the gadgetry and techy stuff. This is a comfortable yet fashionable backpack. The part that I absolutely love about it is that it has a built in alarm system. This isn’t like if you open the compartment that an alarm will sound but whenever you get scared and let’s say there is a creepy van following you on your way home, all you have to do is pull the cord on your shoulder strap and an alarm will sound and it will scare EVERYBODY. You might wonder if it will get pulled in school and you will get suspended (trust me my aunt still thinks that it will go off in school and I will get suspended), you are fine!  Inside the backpack, there is a little control box that you can either turn it off or unplug the speakers. The cord is concealed under a flap on your sleeve so it isn’t noticeable unless you tell all your friends at school or work( trust me, I did and everybody wants me to pull it in the middle of class).

Important to know:

* This backpack costs around $80 to $100


* Very comfortable

*It has big and lots of compartments so I can fit all my textbooks and binders

*Strong so it won’t break

*comes in many colors


* The only thing that I don’t like is that the control box for the alarm is not easily accessible so you cant easily turn it off

Key Features:

•Seven Zippered Compartments

•Padded Laptop Compartment 15.6″

•Organizer Section

•Two Side Mesh Pockets & more

Final thoughts:

I absolutely love this backpack and I think you will too

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