USA History Puzzle Review

USA History Puzzle Review

The USA History Puzzle by 4D Cityscape Puzzles is great for all ages, 8 and up. The USA History Puzzle is a three layered puzzle that teaches you all about American history while you’re have fun putting the puzzle together, you can also add a bunch of little plastic pieces that represent the major landmarks. This puzzle also comes with a timeline that has all the major events on it.

Important to know:
* Cost: around $35.00.

* This is a very fun puzzle to put together but it does take time.

*How well is it rated here’s what

people are saying;

Very nice puzzle and educational too! February 4, 2013

By atldsl

Ok, it’s not an easy puzzle to put together, but a sense of satisfaction comes out of completing it. The bottom layer is like a traditional puzzle which has about 900 pieces. It was nice as it showed how the USA was originally divided up and how through events like the Louisiana Purchase the country grew to what it is today. Another layer went overtop of the base map and a third layer included landmarks and buildings which brought the map to life . While most of it was built by mom and dad, still the time spent on it was fun and drew the family closer together in my opinion.
 Such a unique type of puzzle! February 1, 2013
By kc
The puzzle is great. Really interesting and a unique format. Only complaint is that the pieces are a odd shape. Not entirely clear when you have a correct match of pieces.

The 4D USA Time Puzzle is a bit of a challenge, fun and very educational for all ages. A perfect tool for kids learning US geography and history

*this is a very educational puzzle, that is if you take the time to read it.

*The first layer of the puzzle is regular puzzle pieces but the rest is foam so it wont get messed up.

* I don’t like that the pieces that look like buildings don’t always fit very well so you might have to push it in a little.
*I would change the packaging a little because some of the layers are in the same bag that is labeled with multiple layers so it can be kind of confusing.
Key Features:

Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 12.1 x 3.6 inches

Final thoughts:

I would buy this as a gift for all the people that I know that likes puzzles.

I think the best thing about this puzzle is that you are learning while you are having fun.

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  1. Tina Says:

    Thanks for the review – we’re huge puzzle fans and I’m always looking for something new. I love the educational angle with this one.

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