Wild Planet Spy Gear Review – You Can Be a Secret Agent

Me Holding the Spy Gear

Me Holding the Spy Gear

Spy Gear by Wild Planet is very cool!

* It comes with a spy watch (left), detective case (Center) and night vision goggles/ Binoculars (right).

* The spy watch has mini pods that you can write stuff and put it in and a clock.

* The detective case comes with a black light, flashlight, ink pad, tweezers, suspect cards, bags and finger print dust.

* There are two buttons on the night vision goggles/ binoculars with three functions. One of the functions is night vision. The second function is binoculars. The third function is binoculars with a head light.

If I were a judge and a choice between 1-10, I give it a 9. It is very fun and suitable for kids 8-12. I highly recommend buying this for your young detectives/ spies.

Want to buy one for your little spy? See them here.

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  1. Stacie Says:

    Jake, this is a great review!! You did a wonderful job. Way to go!!

  2. Nicholas Says:

    Wow Jacob!!! Great review. Hope I can make a review like that…

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